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reBorn! connects with life-affirming Pregnancy Clinics all across the nation. They are designed to impact the abortion industry through their strategic initiatives.


MARKETING Challenges:

  • Outdated user experience
  • Too many ways to enter Donor info
  • Lack of proper email marketing
  • No clear call-to-action
  • How to get more abortion minded women in the door
  • No training platform
  • Increase giving


  • Create avatar to mimic user journey
  • Streamlined process for donor info by implementing Virtious
  • Data analysis to identify low hanging donor fruit
  • Created clear calls to action on website
  • Created and managed nationwide Google Ads campaign
  • Utilized clear and concise language to provide information about their services and policies
  • Design and implement a national training program.


  • Improved the organization’s brand image and reputation by 50% in two years by refining the message and conducting effective public relations and marketing campaigns.
  • increased giving by 287% by creating a plan to increase donations by using a wholistic approach of social media, email marketing, video marketing, landing pages and redesigning our website.
  • Organized, implemented and managed data migration of 4500 member database from old CMS to Virtuous CRM.
  • Increased donor and grant totals by 20% by using data analytics, cleaning, and converting data.
  • Increased email open rate by 53% by creating and executing a strategy to engage with and learn from the audience, including increasing the
    volume of email communication.
  • Increased conversion rates for first time donors by 327% by initiating A/B testing of email copy and the donation form, including the
    removal of excessive form fields, as part of a larger program to increase online giving.
  • Trained over 1,000 staff in over 200 locations using LearnDash LMS.

The marketing strategy for has positively impacted their bottom line and helped drive growth for their organization.

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