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WordPress Care: Your shield against cyberspace bullets

With more than 20 percent of internet publishers and developers operating websites and blogs built on WordPress, maintaining a secure environment is becoming a daily challenge.

Approximately 60 million websites that run WordPress are drawing in more traffic on a daily basis but at the same time, attracting the attention of hackers and malware developers who create viruses regularly.

To put it simply, WordPress’ strength is its weakness. The fact that it is so attractive to millions of publishers and developers makes it a prime target for hackers. WordPress Care is therefore essential if you own a website.

What WordPress Care is and why you should care

WordPress Care is simply the system of checks and balances that a publisher or developer reliant on WordPress would set up to secure their website. It is similar to the security systems you install at your home to prevent a burglary.

The quantity and quality of hackers has risen steeply over the last decade, bringing with it an increase in the frequency of attacks and their ingenuity. Operating a system on WordPress without WordPress care is like strolling into a battlefield without a bulletproof vest, you will get shot sooner than you think!

Types of WordPress Care and their effects

With the enormity of the challenge before us, it is important to examine a few simple yet powerful ways to significantly improve the security of your WordPress website without necessarily spending an extra coin.

Firstly, ensure that you are always using the latest version of WordPress to run your website. The security patches and updates that WordPress creates are usually for the most recent version, and this means that if you are running an older one, then you cannot protect yourself against the threats that the newest updates are addressing. Get with the program as soon as possible.

Secondly, use complex passwords to enhance your WordPress care. A complex password is enough to turn away the most sophisticated hacker even if they are ten times cleverer than you. In the absence of this, your website will be vulnerable to a brute force attack which is like someone knocking down your front door with a battering ram. The general rule is choosing a password that is longer than eight characters, making it a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, having more than two numbers incorporated and including special characters (such as ! £, $, %, etc.). Change it within 72 days of setup to shake off any spyware.

Thirdly, one of the worst, yet least known threats to WordPress care is unsupported themes. Some developers write insecure codes when creating themes and these leave security breaches that embed themselves on your website when the themes are installed. But supported themes from reputable sources in the WordPress directory and recognized plug-in producers are more likely to get regular security updates that identify such breaches. It is also advisable to go for the premium themes that you pay for since they experience fewer attacks because of regular updates.

Fourthly, scan plug-ins for malware immediately after download. This will minimize attacks that come from viruses hidden within the plug-in and is very necessary when you are dealing with the unsupported types that do not originate from the WordPress system; ensure that they are clean before using them.

Lastly, delete all plug-ins that you do not use because hackers often exploit them to access your resources. Such secret breaches are even more dangerous because you are unlikely to notice them unless you use the plug-in. The more you keep unused resources within the system, the fatter and less agile it becomes, making it vulnerable to attack.

Advantages of using WordPress care

WordPress Care opens up many fascinating horizons once taken up, no longer confining you to issues of routine security.

Firstly, you can outsource it to your website host or developer, and he will integrate all the approaches mentioned above to create maximum security in your system. This lightens your burden and enables you to focus on the primary purpose of the website.

Secondly, the website host or developer can take up other routine tasks such as recurrent maintenance that would keep your site running flawlessly, but would be demanding for you as the owner. In this way, you achieve two goals in one stroke – maintenance and security – with the collaboration of the host or developer who is more conversant with such tasks.

Risks of not using WordPress Care

Neglecting your website security could lead to a number of painful consequences. First, you could end up on Google’s blacklist, which means that any time visitors come to your website they would receive a warning telling them to enter at their own risk because it is infected. This drives away traffic.

Second, a hacker can go as far as using a popular website to automatically redirect traffic to another website. If WordPress Care is not observed, then your popular platform might just become an advertisement for other less popular websites.

Third, malicious hackers can infiltrate your website and change its content to create insulting or obscene imagery, alienating your audience and turning them away.

Last, hackers can take possession of your website, destroying your business and reputation at once by shutting it down or misdirecting its users. You could lose valuable resources like comments, posts, sales, products and even affiliate links that generate income.


WordPress care is not a 100 percent foolproof system that will prevent all security threats in cyberspace. But it is better if these threats find you 80 to 90 percent protected as opposed to totally exposed because this will give you a fighting chance. Also, hackers are likely to move on to their next victim if they find your website a tough nut to crack, they will lose their patience and try something else.

The consensus among WordPress users is that once the security basics are put in place, chances of experiencing an attack reduce drastically. Among the more than 60 million WordPress users online, those who practice WordPress care are at the very heart of the movement, well protected from the shots that hackers are firing from every direction.

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